Rancho Community Church


Website- www.ranchocommunity.org
31300 Rancho Community Way,
Temecula. Ca. 92592
(951) 303-6789
Pastor Scott Treadway

The following review is based on a Saturday evening service that
I attended on 07.14.07 at 6:30 PM

Worship 4/5
Friendliness 4/5
Sermon 5/5
Theological Content 5/5
Evangelistic 5/5
Facility 5/5

Additional Comments:

The worship team consisted of 6 members, 2 electric guitars, 1 acoustic/vocalist, bass guitar, drums and a female vocalist. The 2 vocalists had incredible voices. The music was a little bit louder than I prefer but it overall it was pretty good. There is a fine line between a band performing in front of a congregation and a band leading the congregation in the worship of God. The worship team a little too close to that line. I also found one of the guitarists to be a bit distracting with his “Rick Springfield” style moves.
Having said that all of the musicians were excellent in their playing abilities given the genre of music.

This is actually the part of the service that surprised me the most. I had come across a Sunday bulltin from this church about three years ago that looked like a downloaded sermon outline from Rick Warren’s website complete with “fill in the blanks”. I was attending the church on the assumption that the church was going to be “seeker sensitive” with “Temecula Tommy” as the “target attender”. Boy was I wrong. Pastor Scott’s sermon was well prepared, filled with Biblical truth and in my estimation, He nailed it!
The sermon was a sort of introduction to the subject of spiritual warfare. He immediately dismissed some of the more popular false notions of spiritual warfare. He has been teaching through the book of Ephesians and he is coming up to the verses that have to do with the armor of God.
He continued to teach about Jesus’ “incarnational” ministry and how that model should be reflected in the lives that we live not just in the church but also on the job and in every arena of human life.
I took issue with acouple of statements that he said during the sermon but after the service he was kind enough to talk with me and explain the context of his statements. At that point we found ourselves in agreement.
If Pastor Scott teaches like this on a regular basis his church is not only going to continue to grow numerically but his people are definitely going to grow into maturity.
If you are looking for a church that isn’t going to feed you milk every week then I think I have just found one that can recommend

I plan to visit one of his Sunday morning services in September so check back with me.